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Rural Garden

Inspired by the client’s love of cooking, growing food, native plants, horses and sheep, we reinterpreted the quintessential features of the ranch landscape into a garden both beautiful and practical.

We leveled the yard with low stone walls and changed out the regular turf for a native lawn. A large area has gravel set with lines of repurposed stones from the site. A stonewall is the focal point with a horse trough made into a water feature. 

The grasses softly transition the garden into the meadows and fields beyond. 

Food producing plants and ornamental plants are used throughout the design to beautiful effect, while still producing food for the family. 

A fire feature and a large deck with a shade sail make the garden enjoyable across seasons and lend an appropriate clean-lined ruggedness to the farm garden.

Project Information:
Photography: @ShadesofGreen
Location: Petaluma, CA