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Shades of Green is a landscape architecture studio committed to promoting sustainable landscape practices through the creation of unique and innovative design solutions, integrating the landscape of humanity and nature for the benefit of both. We create unique landscapes by embracing both the physical and cultural contexts of the landscape as well as any elements specific to the project site.

Every project has its own challenges. Our approach is to study the existing natural systems for each site and to understand the opportunities that those systems present. By listening to our clients, we deliver practical and modern design solutions that meet both their needs and the environmental considerations of the site.

Our work and design process emphasizes a holistic and thoughtful approach to each project. We strive to integrate sustainable systems such as green roofs and walls, site-appropriate plantings, and water conservation and recycling strategies into our projects. Many of our residential projects are “Build it Green” and LEED certified. We are also Rescape (former Bay Friendly) Qualified Professionals since 2008.

Tessellate Planter Collection

We are excited to present the Tessellate Planter collection we designed in collaboration with Loll Designs. Tessellate features four style of varying height,  withs and colors, creating endless opportunity to play with the geometric constellations. Tessellate can be used on both residential, commercial and public projects.

Our Project Featured in Architectural Digest:

Our Secret Garden is not so secret anymore. It is one of the most spectacular properties for sale in San Francisco these days. Here featured by Architectural Digest:

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Office Puppies

Our office puppies, Joji and Blue, usually go to the office everyday. They are missing each other during Covid-19 when we are all working from home. Stay safe everybody.

New Baby

Our warmest congratulations to Gayna and Sergio with their second daughter, born April 3, 2020 Welcome to the world, Siena Vega Buranelli!