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Coastal Garden overlooking the Pacific
Shades of Green Landscape Architecture
In the Vineyard
In the Vineyard
In the Vineyard
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In the Vineyard

The extensive remodel of a Napa Valley estate allowed us to create a beautiful farm garden that retains its identity as part of the productive Napa Valley landscape. The existing swimming pool and massive palms at its corners were integrated into the design and became an organizing feature of the design. 

The new family’s needs were different from the previous owners, and the layout and circulation were changed.  New pool paving was added, along with gravel paths, a large vegetable garden, a cutting garden and a sports court. 

Plantings were kept low to preserve the sweeping views over vineyards and distant mountains. Even though the plants are arranged in lines to echo the linear agricultural plantings, they are softened by aromatic blue, green and purple plant colors, warm toned gravel and natural wood decking.

Project Information:
Photography: @ShadesofGreen
Location: Napa, CA