Shades of Green Landscape Architecture


The client for this project is a designer himself,  so though it was a small garden, every detail was meticulously designed. Rounded edges were kept consistent throughout the interior and exterior of the home. You can see here how the railing down to the interior of the planting bed are both rounded. We selected the Japanese maple and creeping ground covers in different shades of green and grey to plant between the stone path.

The fence and water feature were both custom-made, and done so precisely. For the water feature, the stone was cut into two pieces, then polished and made into a fountain. In order to achieve the reflection pool effect, the top had to be made perfectly smooth and even.

Plants were selected to thrive in part shade and part sun. A limited planting pattern was selected for a calming effect.

A metal version of the fence was made to be used behind the barbeque. A light and shiny metal was selected to create a fresh and clean effect.

Project Information:
Location: San Francisco, CA
Photographer: Adam Rouse
Interior Design: Studio Collins Weir
Construction: Van Acker Construction