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On the Edge of the Continent

On a windswept grassy ridge high above the Pacific Ocean sits a pyramid with awe inspiring views of the hills rolling down to the sea.  

Although breathtaking, the site posed the challenge of designing usable spaces and effective circulation on a steep hillside while still maintaining the natural character.

An infinity pool and a pool house were sited below the pyramid, as to not challenge it. The pool deck has a fire pit and comfy furniture. 

A stairway meanders from the main residence to the pool area, stepping graciously down the slope between drifts of waving grasses and costal perennials.  

At intervals the stair is broken up by wide landings, a bocce court, corten vegetable planters, and a native lawn, allowing for moments to take in the view.

Project Information:
Architect: Helena Barrios Vincent
Photography: @Marion Brenner; Shades of Green
Location: Sonoma Coast, CA